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The 2 World Mind Sports Games will take place at Lille, France, in " Grand Palais"  from 9th to 23rd August 2012. www.wmsgfmjd.org

You are all cordially invited to come to Lille!

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The Dutch Draughts tournament  which started on 4th April can be watched live at    www.nkdammen2012.nl  .
Michiel Kroesbergen the young brother to Hermen also participated in the tournament.

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Elias Munkondia emerged a winner with 12 points in a two days    10 x 10 Draughts Round Robin tournament which was held at OlympAfrica in Lusaka, followed by Hermen Kroesbergen with 10 points, Mwaaza Sakala took the third place with 8 points and the rest had 3 points each.
Congratulations !!   To Mr. Elias Munkondia for winning the OlympAfrica 10 x 10 Draughts tournament.

The final standings :                                         Pts

1. Elias Munkondia                                            12
2. Hermen Kroesbergen   &nbs ... Read more »
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The 10 x 10 draughts tournament was done and dusted today on  3rd March 2012 at OlympAfrica in Lusaka. Players who made it through to the Round Robin Stage are ; M. Zulu, Richard Tumba, Hermen Kroesbergen, Elias Banda, Kennedy Phiri and Mwaaza Sakala.
The standings were as follows :
Group A                                                    Pts
M. Zulu                                               & ... Read more »
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The 10 x 10 Individual  Draughts Africa Cup Of Nations to be held in Burkina Faso from 4th May to 18th May 2012. This year, the tournament is likely to be participated by more African  countries as compared to the previous one. http://damlog.over-blog.com
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Hermen Kroesbergen, Mr. Joseph Chioko, Mr. Godfrey Kawanda  and Inambao Inambao having good time at Arcades before the comencement of the ZDF meeting.
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The ZDF staff  discussing the progress of draughts in Zambia with Mr. Hermen Kroesbergen at Arcades in Lusaka on Sunday  8th  2012. Some of the ZDF  memebers who attended the meeting are ; Mwaaza Sakala, Mr. Tentani Mwanzah, Mr. Joseph Chioko, Mr. Godfrey Kawanda and Mr. Inambao Inambao .
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The game  is sweet, even the blind have something to share in it.
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Hermen Kroesbergen of Holland and Mwaaza Sakala of Zambia testing each other on  an international 10 x 10 draughts board in Lusaka-Zambia . Hermen who visited Zambia on 14th December 2011, is a dependable player of one of the draughts clubs in Holland and  has got keen  interest to introduce  international 10 x 10 in Zambia. http://www.fmjd.org/pcard?id=10810
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Mr. Kamara Colson is coming to Zambia in July 2011 after the Uganda Draughts Federation's  election which is to take place next month in June 2011. Mr. Kamara Kolson is among  the African renowned draughts players who has travelled to different countries around the world for international draughts matches. Mr Kamara playes both International 10x10 and draughts 8x8 known as Pool Checkers. His purpose of coming to Zambia is to meet the ZDF memebers so that he can discuss with them the way foward for the game of draughts 8x8(Pool checkers) in Africa.
Kamara Colson in a red T-Shirt playing international 10x10 draughts. 
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