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Mwaaza Sakala commonly known as "Saks" participated in the Russian Draughts-64 World Championship which took place in St. Petersburg - Russia. Get the full details of the championship here http://www.fmjd64.org/2013/world-championships-2013-among-men-and-women/

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World Championships 2013 in draughts-64 among men and women (Russian version) will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, from August 4 (arrival day) to  August 14 (departure day), 2013. The prize fund will be the biggest in the history of draughts-64 – at least 2 000 000 RUB (50 000 EUR). All the rules are published http://fmjd64.org/2013/world-championships-2013-among-men-and-women/

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On the 19th of June finished the final games of the World Draughts Champion Results of «A» final: 
1 place — Alexander Georgiev (Russia) ,                                                                                                                             
2 place — Jean Mark Ndjofang (Cameroon), 
3 place — Roel Boomstra (Netherlands).
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The Haarlemse Dam Club  have emerged victorious in an International friendly match on www.playdraughts.com
A photo taken during the  online match
After the match, more training(marathon) Elias teaching Kennedy a lesson :) Saks and Mr.Kawanda watching 
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The Zambia select will crash with the Haarlemse Dam Club team  of the Netherlands on Monday 17th June 2013 in a friendly  international  online team match starting from 20:15 Lusaka and Haarlem time. Games can be watched live here http://www.playdraughts.com
Below is the Zambian and HDC line-ups 
 ZAMBIAHDC        ... Read more »
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The World Druaghts Championship started on 02/06/2013, see more details of the competition on this link  http://wdc2013ufa.ru/index.php/en/
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On Sunday,  May 12 at 11 am the international draughts World Title Match will be festively opened at the Tallinn Nordic Hotel Forum, where grandmasters Alexander Georgiev, four-time and current ruling world champion and three-time world champion Alexander Shwarzman as a challenger will compete for the world championship title. The head referee of the match will be Frank Teer from The Netherlands, Secretary-General of the World Draughts Federation. The match will last until May 18 and games will start every day at 10 am (except for the opening day when the games will start at noon). Anyone interested can watch the games at the venue or online at  ... Read more »
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The World 10x10  Championship will be held in Ufa, Russia from June 2 (first round) to June 19 (last round and closing ceremony). 
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Draughts men playing Pool checkers at Kapata Draughts Club in Chipata-Zambia
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A report to the APCA email list by the American Pool Checkers Association (APCA) President Mr. Clarence "ShotgunGooche who both witnessed and recorded the games and this is what he had to say

"Fellow Checkers Players,

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