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8. Godfrey Kawandda [Godfrey]   (22-08-2013 12:54 PM)
Beautiful website ! We are proud to have a draughts site as ZDF.
Country: Zambia | City: Lusaka | State: Lusaka

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7. Suzgo Nkhoma   (17-05-2012 6:35 PM) E-mail
This is wonderful Zambia we are comming to your behind and looking forward to beteating your favourites players. BT Malawi

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6. Timothy Moore [Hitman1]   (24-04-2012 4:55 PM) E-mail

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5. Mwaaza Sakala [Sacks]   (20-05-2011 1:00 PM)
Thanks you people for your vist to our Zambian draughts website and thanks once more for your positive comments.


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4. sadikie23/necktie23   (19-05-2011 11:23 PM) E-mail
congrats!!!, Mr. sacks u've proven to be very proactive and informative in sharing your culture. keep it up.

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3. Clarence Gooche [Shotgun]   (19-05-2011 8:46 AM) E-mail
Great site

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2. Mwaaza Sakala [Sacks]   (11-05-2011 2:02 PM)
Thanks very much tgf. For sure, you will see a lot of exciting things here.

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1. Jake Kacher [tgf]   (07-05-2011 9:33 PM)
Congratulations to Zambian players on their new website, hope to see many exciting things here.

Jake Kacher,


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